Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Independence Day!!

Hard to believe that it's July 4th already.... of course fireworks are pointless in Alaska this time of year since the sun doesn't go down (we just save them up for New Year's).

We helped one of our neighbors stand a wall for their cabin in the rain yesterday. They were lucky enough to be closer to the road and already have a gravel pad laid down, and Trapper already had some old oil drums and metal beams so Sarah and Ken could get building right away when they got here... just needed a couple extra hands to lift the 40' frame wall into place.

Our next-lot neighbors are also down with their kids for the weekend to start clearing some on their property and have pitched their tent on one of the drier spots in our yard... which is driving Ripley crazy since she's not used to company. No one in our family, furry or otherwise, is much used to kids so this is unique. Kids and heavy landscaping equipment are a scary combination -- eek!

Just when things were starting to dry up and drain out it started raining again. This has to be one of the wettest springs in history cuz it's normally pretty dried out by this time of year and everyone gets worried about watering the garden. Not this year! It's been too wet for a lot of folks to even get their gardens in... or anyone to build anything without a foundation already in place. I'm glad the rain put out the fire, but it can stop anytime now!!!

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