Sunday, July 11, 2010

We have (some) gravel!!

Ken, one of our neighbors, was working in the pit today and loaded up our truck a few times with his tractor so we didn't have to do all the shovelingby hand. It's only about 6 yards worth that we carefully drove down the trail so as not to break the axle, but it's enough to get the bases down for our foundation pads. We had to shovel it into a pile at the head of the driveway because it's still too squishy, but we can at least get small loads back to build site with the ATV. Woohoo!

AND... the build site is all nice and dry, so we can finish clearing the last bit and get that foundation started once G gets back from Fairbanks this week (had a little "oops we forgot something" moment). While he's gone, I'll try to cut a new trail on dry ground so we can get the truck around the squishy bit and the lumber back to the build site without a gajillion trips on the ATV.  Fingers crossed, we might even have the first floor framed in by my birthday (the 25th)... which is also our 1 year anniversary in Alaska.

Time to get focused and busy now! And if we need more gravel, Ken said he'd load us up anytime he's working in the pit :D

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Linda said...

Wonderful news, you take care working by yourself.

You are going to get that cabin up soon : )

tc linda