Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Cabin Building - Day Two & Day Three

Day 2:  We rested. Went into the village to check mail and get more gas, and have a nice long soak in the hot springs tub. One of our neighbors was going in to Fairbanks and offered to pick us up the concrete to finish the piers... Awesome!
Day 3: Trapper got back with our concrete so we finished up the piers... YAY!! The foundation is pretty much done, just have to put the jacks on now (waiting for special bolts that G decided we needed, rather than the ones that I bought earlier). We also got a load of gravel spread out for the base of our metal shed, one more or so and I think we can start putting that up for storage.

Unfortunately, the forest ate one of our brake lines, so the truck is out of commission for the time being. G ordered the replacement parts "express" delivery... but this is the Bush, so there's no telling when we'll actually get them. It puts a damper on moving materials back to the site, but we'll manage somehow.  It would have been nice if we could have at least gotten the shed kit back there before all this... that's just a little bulky and heavy to drag back with the ATV safely. We really need to get a trailer one of these days!

No pics or vid today because a bad storm was rolling in while I was tidying up the work site and I had to hoof it back to the tent double-time to avoid getting drenched.


GoFaster said...

Curious as to how your online orders get delivered. DO you maintain a PO Box in town? Do services such as UPS and Fedex deliver to a drop off point?
This is my first comment, I am fascinated by your adventures. Thanks for blogging about it!

Plickety Cat said...

Yes, we have a PO Box in the village down the road. UPS and FedEx don't come out here, but the depot in Anchorage will drop anything that comes in the mail to the post office if we make up a fake address (no street or number here). Our post mistress knows everyone by name, so she holds those packages regardless of what address is on them. If we need to Fedex or UPS out, say for a return or something, then we have to drive into Fairbanks for it... blech!

Most times if an online retailer absolutely won't ship with USPS, we have the stuff sent to my folks in Austin and have them remail it. Or, if we're planning to go to F'banks soon anyway, we'll have them ship it to some friends of ours in town and pick it up when we get there.

Definitely no overnight anything here unless you contract directly with Warbelow air freight $$$$$.