Thursday, July 8, 2010

NetFlix Rocks!

Since we don't have TV out here, it's really nice to come in after a hard day's work and watch a movie on the laptop.  Unfortunately, we've watched every movie and television series that we own on DVD at least twice this past year. We joined NetFlix since it's not like there's a Blockbuster Video rental anywhere near us and they have a lot of movies for instant viewing on your computer.  So, if we time it perfectly with the Unlimited Download period on HughesNet, we can rent and watch a streaming video with pretty decent resolution and minimal interruptions (ok, most movies do pause and buffer 3-4 times, but it's no worse than commercials). Well, we haven't been in the "real world" for a year, so there are tons of movies that we haven't seen... we should be set for at least a month before we catch up.  And, for all those movies that aren't streaming online yet, they'll still mail us the ones on our queue.... MAIL. I'm so happy that someone out there still uses the USPS! You really can't beat unlimited rentals and downloads for less than $10 a month... heck the two of us can't even go to the theater for less than $10 anymore.


Anonymous said...

Yep netflix is da bomb by the way the new look is.... different (astute huh)

Anonymous said...

There's a British comedy series called "Good Neigbors" that is most appropriate for you two. Amazingly, I see that it's 35 years old - however, I have no doubt you'd enjoy it - especially Mark.

Good Neighbors: Complete Series 1-3(1975) NR

This British series tracks the escapades of businessman Tom Good (Richard Briers) and his wife, Barbara (Felicity Kendal), who've had enough of the grind and want to live off the fruits of the land instead. But residing next door to people who've suddenly begun tilling the soil and raising livestock isn't what Jerry and Margo Leadbetter (Paul Eddington and Penelope Keith) had in mind when they moved to the 'burbs. Watch the fireworks fly.

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I also hope you watch "Fawlty Towers" - it will have you in stitches.

Gungnir said...

Yes Sam I remember it quite well although under the title "The Good Life". I also remember watching it during blackouts caused by strikes and so on in the old country of the early Seventies.

Tom used to go around to Jerry and Margot's and sit and drink their scotch. It was actually a very good series, and of course it had Felicity Kendall in it :)

Now as for Classic British comedy series, well of course there's Monty Python, Fawlty Towers (surprisingly short lived), The Young Ones, Not the Nine O'Clock News (Rowan Atkinson prior to Mr. Bean), Blackadder (1 through 4) (more Rowan Atkinson prior to Mr. Bean, and Hugh Laurie prior to House), Red Dwarf (I have a friend who once said I reminded them of Lister; strange). I could go on for hours on this.

Now for British drama one of the best examples is Lovejoy (Ian McShane prior to Swearingen in Deadwood), there are also Touching Evil, great crime drama from the late 90's Cracker (see Robbie Coltrane before he decided that being big and stupid was a career) and I've always had a soft spot for Spender (not sure if that's on Netflix or not) since it was set in contemporary Newcastle.