Monday, June 28, 2010

More equipment

After the fire fiasco, we decided to invest in more brush cutting and clearing equipment. Not only will these greatly speed up the last of clearing our building site (once it dries up!), but it will also make it much easier to maintain a cleaner forest/wood lot so we reduce the risk of a forest fire coming through our property.  Besides, I just love power tools and heavy equipment... if we had more money, I would definitely splurge more at The Woodway  and Jackovich Industrial & Construction :D

Bear Cat SC3206 3" Chipper/Shredder -- it's only 190cc, but that's really all we need for the spruce, birch and aspen since they're pretty soft.  Only needed 3" since anything 3"+ is firewood! Now we can clear out all those brush piles from clearing the driveway (fire hazard!!) and spread the mulch on the driveway until we get the gravel in. So, while it's not big or powerful enough to pull a "Fargo", it should be plenty for what we need it for.
Husqvarna 335FR Brushcutter -- we have the 10" circular saw blade attachment on ours rather than the wimpy string cutter since we're doing real forestry clearing with ours.  Just found that during the initial clearing of the forest, the brush mowers don't quite do it... the creeping willow is below the deck height and while they will cut the spruce saplings, they push them over first so you end up with these 6" pungee sticks popping back up all over.  So this Husky should work WAY better for clearing and use the mower style for annual brush maintenance.
And we picked up a second generator with a little more juice -- Kipor IG3000E.  This one isn't quite as portable as our little Honda EU2000i, but we get another 1000w with the Kipor and it cost less than the smaller Honda with all the same features (plus an electric start - woohoo!).

Now, if the trail will just dry out and firm up so we can actually get back to work, we're all ready to go!  Well, except for the flooring nails... but that's a whole other story :D

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