Friday, June 4, 2010

Back to the old homestead

So after the excitement of the start of the week, we're back home to our place.

So now back to more mundane tasks, we still have a house to build before the winter sets in, and lumber to move to the building site, then land to finish clearing so we're able to build where we want to, and possibly gravel to haul for a road and a pad.

No rest for the wicked eh...?


Harry-in-Reno said...

PC and Gungnir;

For those people who might be interested, there are a bunch of Alaska fire fotos at:

These two shots below are of the south edge of the old Woellert prop which is about 2.75 miles north of you.

Both photos were taken about 10:23 pm on Monday evening May 31, --time read from the exif info attached to photo downloads;

One can see the school buses parked on the highway, that the firemen must have just recently arrived in; --You can see the fireman standing around the property watching the fire; I believe they had previosly preped three buildings up at Eureka, but hadn't done anything down your way at time of these photos; --The fire, obviously, really took off on the 31st;

Below is a photo of the prep work that the firemen do around cabins:

I don't recognize this cabin from photo; It was taken on may 30th at 8:03am in morning, obviously before fire took off south; It's probably part of the Butcher's place up north closer to Applegate creek;

We were very lucky that buildings didn't burn, down your way; It could have been very bad!

I hope the rain has helped; --It seems the firemen have now prepped many cabins down your way and are bulldozing old fire trails in Manley; I hope you guys are well.

Good Luck;

Anonymous said...

Glad you two made it through this ordeal! I remember the Millers Reach Fire in the Mat-su valley back in the 90's which almost wiped out my dad's place. It was finally stopped less than 5 miles from the cabin, but the days of steadily increasing anxiety and hasty evacuation of belongings are hard to forget.
We also had a nearby forest fire here in the Delta Junction area last week. It's hard to compare that with your experience though... with Fort Greely and a larger populated area nearby, you know the officials didn't hesitate as much.
Anyways, keep it up guys! Maybe it sounds strange coming from a local, but I'm learning quite a bit from following your blog :-)

- Nickbert

Gungnir said...

Hey Nick, long time no speak.

You should be ashamed, learning stuff from two Cheechako's like me and Plick.

I hear you on the fire though, it's certainly kind of weird, first it's nothing to worry about, then maybe I should check on it, then well hope it moves in the other direction, up to oh sh*t, we got to do something here. It's a little like being put in a psychological vice and slowly compressed.

Anyway it seems like it's all over now bar the shouting.