Sunday, June 20, 2010

Did I move to Florida?!

It's been raining here pretty much 3 weeks straight with no end in next week's forecast either :(

The rain stops for maybe an hour a few times a day, which is only long enough for the sun to come out and make everything humid and buggy, but not really dry anything out.

If I didn't know better, I'd think I was in Florida. The temps might be in the 60's vs 90's, but the near-constant rain and humidity (and swarms of bugs) is similar. I intentionally chose an area that was cold and arid because humidity really screws me up even more than the heat does. Seriously, I can handle desert hot with little problems, but hot and humid blows. High humidity just sucks the life right out of me, making me cranky and lackluster.

But the bigger problem with all this rain is all the standing water. Sure, if it were just raining we'd still be able to work through it since it's not normally a downpour or anything. BUT the standing water is almost as treacherous, if not more so, than the snow for safe footing when working with chainsaws and hauling anything through the forest. AND the more you travel over this boggy tundra (even on foot) while it's wet, the faster it sinks and breaks through to the mud underneath... and once you do that, the area will be a maintenance problem forever.

While we are still slowly laying down corduroy on the main trail on the worst spots during the drier periods, we're trying not to destroy the driveway back to the cabin site... which pretty much means staying off it until everything drains and dries up. So the only progress we're making on the cabin is incidental... "fixing" the main trail so we can haul the building materials off the side of the road and down to the tent.

Although, I have been using the time to perfect my 3D model and write up the building docs with dimensions, diagrams, cut lists and nailing schedules. We can't even begin to make the concrete pad & pier assemblies since we have to pour the piers to level which means they have to be in place. We could start pouring the pads now... but they're almost 150 lbs each. I don't want to be lugging those suckers around any great distances if I can help it... so best to just wait until we can pour them on site :(

So, yes, the rain and mud are really starting to get us down and very frustrated. Our building window is getting smaller with each passing day and progress is pretty much at a standstill.  BUMMER is putting it mildly.


Harry-in-Reno said...


I check your site multiple times a day to see your updates; Thank's for keep your public informed!

One blessing of this rain is stopping that fire--it would seem that these Alaskan fires are really difficult to stop-ie a little rain doesn't do it, and firebreaks only work some of the time; --Perhaps you have gotten enough! Let's hope so!

I can understand how frustrating it must be, trying to get some work done with all these problems--ie fire--rain --mud everywhere (an understatement) --mosquitoes driving you absolutely crazy! --You surely are being tested!

You actually are mentally (it seems) doing at least OK; --You were so quiet for a while after you went to Manley, that I thought the stress of the fire-etc had been way too much; --it's great that you sprang back!

So--can you send us some more pics--ie of fire damage south of Eureka along Hyway, and of the potential flooding down your way; And perhaps some more pics of your prop--the tent--the high spots on your eastern edge in the bigger aspens, etc; (That may be asking too much--you do have your hands full!)

I noticed in the summer of 2008 that Trapper-John's driveway at hyway was underwater and water flowing south after it really rains in the the Eureka mountains; --That actually was a first for me--I had been coming to the area for ten years and had never seen that or had I heard the creeks roaring before--they are like almost half a mile and almost a full mile away, east and west!

Can you hear the Hut and Eureka creek rushing from your tent;--I assume they must be higher than I have ever seen them in the last 12 years: They must be roaring--that doesn't happen too often; There must also be a great deal of water along the hyway;

I know you guys have a great deal of work to do before Sept. but you might think about just leaving for awhile and coming back after things have dried out some!

Sometimes, one has to retreat for a-bit and then renew the attack at another time!

I wish you guys luck, and really appreciate the updates!

Harry in Reno

Linda said...

Wow you all are doing well under the circumstances , really most people would be off the charts.

We are dealing with rains almost every day here in the 90's, comfort in the 100's, humidity too. But not to many skitters. Just ants coming in from the rains.

You know Harry-in-Reno doesn't have to bad of an idea, is leaving for a bit doable for you , let things dry up a bit.

Be nice if you could get a crew that can help you get that cabin put up. Maybe barter help for help.

You guys hang in there, your tough and soon you will have all your plans and needs met.

tc linda