Thursday, June 3, 2010

So where are we at...?

Since it's been a couple of days since we posted last, and I'm up and drinking coffee (although not at our place) I thought I'd update you all.

I've been scooting up to our neighbors and keeping an eye on the fire daily while we've been in Manley, and since Monday it's changed significantly. It mostly got held at the firebreak cut by Jay Hodges on Sunday night on the south side of the Elliott, it did jump towards the Hutlinana, but that was being mopped up and bulldozed on Tuesday yesterday Darrell Scott did a flyover and only saw a half a dozen smoking patches in the Eureka area, but they were mostly inside the burn perimeter so were just burning out. The only concern was where the fire jumped the firebreak but we had smoke jumpers working that area.

All in all the fire teams did a great job (once they got on it) and had some help from the wind while doing the backburn.

Seems like we dodged a bullet this time around, we're planning on returning home tomorrow, and getting on with more mundane things. Of course there is always the possibility that it could all blow up again, but if the rain we got in Manley last night also hit our place, then the chances drop even further. We likely have more chance of getting another fire from a lightning strike.


Anonymous said...

And the beat goes on ...

One thing's for sure, you guys don't have a dull life!

Glad to see things are quieting back down.

Harry-in-reno said...

PC and Gungnir;

It would seem that you got a little rest while you were in Manley--that's good--you needed a small break!

How has rain been--one needs a lot to put down these fires--it's going to be a long summer. Many of us have been watching very closely the activity there in Eureka;

The Alaska fire site hasn't updated that fire map since may 31 at 10:31 in evening; As you have indicated --I believe things have changed a good bit since then;

Those of us with prop in that area and absent, really appreciate your updates. We obviously owe a great deal of thanks to Hodges, and Scott and the miners from Eureka, --plus the firefighters;

Thanks again for the updates!

Harry in Reno