Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lumber finally off the highway

Two days of sun with no rain let the trails dry out just enough to get the lumber off the side of the road an at least to the back of a Rob's place.  Thanks to Paul for the use of his trailer, and huge thanks to Dane who helped us load and haul when I thought I was really going to pass out. 

The trail in the back of Rob's place did finally give out on the last load, so we won't be able to use that anymore for a while... but the mucky soup at the top of the main trail is slowly drying out, so maybe we'll be able to use that pretty soon with only a few pickups of gravel to fill in the ruts where the truck got sucked in. Still a few nasty spots on the trail, but mostly it's just mucky in the ruts so a little gravel there will go a long way as well. No need to do the whole thing if we're entring the dry season, just make it traverseable enough until it freezes up again and we can fix it more properly. 

Our front yard is now only a pond and not a lake. If we don't get anymore really heavy rain, we might actually be able to get everything back here and stacked ready to take to the building site in smaller loads as needed.

Then, of course, Woodway can finally come and deliver the last load which is mostly drywall and our siding. Definitely don't want any mucky trail or standing water or serious threat of heavy rain when they deliver that because the best we can do to save it is throwing a tarp over.  Lumber that is warped, bowed or cupped due to rain can be worked around; but drywall is useless once it gets wet and plywood doesn't stand up so well when it's actually sitting in inches of rain and mud.

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Linda said...

Whahooo, you were due for some good stuff happening. You all are going to get that cabin built!

tc linda