Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Darrell and Donna just ROCK!

Went to visit our old-timer neighbors today, and not only did they let us take a wonderful hot shower -- woohoo!; but they also hooked us up with several harnesses for Ripley. Everyone here now runs racing (different style harness) Huskies (smaller sized dogs) so we were having a hard time finding harnesses and rigging to train Ripley to do some hauling for us. Well, D & D used to run freight Malamutes back in the day, so they had several different types and sizes of freight harnesses specifically designed for a Malamute frame. Double Woohoo!! And they just gave them to us since they're not running dogs anymore. Triple WooHoo!!

So, she's old enough for us to graduate her from the cheesey walking harness we used to get her used to wearing one, and we can now put her in one of the freight training harnesses and hook up water jugs and tires and stuff so she can get used to dragging stuff around on the harness, and then by winter she should be reay to graduate to a true freight harness that attaches to a wagon or sled just like a draft horse harness. She'll be able to earn her keep hauling firewood and gravel around for us when it's too cold for us to do it effectively ourselves!  She loves to tug, loves to run, loves the cold, and always wants to help so this will be awesome for all of us.

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owen said...

Working dog. That's cool!!