Thursday, July 16, 2009

3 days and a wake up

Hehe - while Gungnir is stressing the small stuff... I'm just plugging away like the Little Engine That Could. Snapshot of my focus right now:

Cats to the vet, health certificate for them to travel through Canada - CHECK!
Garage sorted, and all refuse scheduled for proper disposal - CHECK!
Still left to do today: pack bedroom, pack kitchen, load the truck up for the dump (too flippin' hot right now!)

Tomorrow's fun: dump run, donate my car to charity, breakdown & box up bedroom furniture (gotta love IKEA), laundromat run for comforters, start cleaning. (Hopefully, our tires will get delivered early enough for Gungnir to take the truck in and have them mounted - he also needs to take her in for a pre-flight service).

Saturday's fun: return our cable equipment, pack up the computer network, firearms to FFL for transfer up to AK, finish cleaning, and rest as much as possible. Call & annoy U-Haul if I still haven't heard from them!

Sunday's excitement: Pickup the U-Haul and load'erup.... rest as much as possible!

Then it's awake at O-Dark-Thirty on Monday to shut down the house, call the ultilities to cancel service, dope the cats and get our butts on the road! Woohoo!

So, really, not all the much left to do - ROFL. Trust me, when you've moved as many times as I have, actually feeling confident enough to say you're scheduling rest time means things are going A-OK! Thank goodness I'm a night person... sleep while it's hot, work while it's cool!!

Hopefully, I'll get a shower squeezed in somewhere in all this... I think I had one on Tuesday, might start drawing flies soon :D

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