Friday, July 17, 2009

We hate it when you move (a message from the cats)

Moving is stressful on everyone, pets included. Nothing makes this more abundantly clear than getting up in the morning and stepping right in a puddle of cold pee by the beside!! Oh yes, for the past few weeks, the litter box has magically become an optional convenience and our precious princesses have been leaving us presents all over the house. Yes, it's annoying and frustrating (and sometimes downright disgusting), but it's really the only way they have to let us know that all the packing and shifting and change of routine is really freaking them out.

After cleaning up this morning's first surprise, I set out to pack the newly laundered clothes... and got another lovely surprise. Apparently, one of the prisses decided that our wheelie duffle bag needed to be christened... a few times. *SIGH* Now I'll have to scrub it out and wait for it to dry before I can finish packing up the bedroom. I also have to wash out their carriers since they peed in those yesterday on the way to the vets. I'll have to take a formerly clean comforter back to the laundromat (big washers & dryers) because someone horked all over it again last night. I swear they just wait for the most inconvenient opportunities... sneaky weasels!

All this and we still have a 5-day car trip ahead of us. Joy!! Nothing quite as unhappy as a kitty in a car... except maybe a kitty in the bathtub. Hopefully we'll get all the major stuff completed today so we can spend some extra time loving on the furbabies and reassuring them... otherwise, I'm sure they'll just pee on more of our stuff. I am so glad I got the big bottle of Rescue Remedy.

I'm sure if I could speak feline, they'd tell me "We're freaked out. It's your fault. So we're going to go f*ck up your sh*t!" Ah, the joys of pet-parenting! It's a good thing they're so cute :D

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Homestead said...

I'm watching your adventure with amazement because it seems like such a huge undertaking and a ton of hard work. Have to admit I'm curious too about all that's involved with making such a big transition. I love your ability to handle details and cope with everything from truck tires to disgruntled cats and still keep your sense of humor! Your blog is fun and interesting to read and I hope you keep up with it as best you can in the months ahead. I'm cheering you on and am eager to hear about all the projects, special insights, unexpected joys and even the stumbles as you and DH create your new home in AK.

Best wishes, the homestead grandma