Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Winding our weary way

It's day 3 of our trek. Monday night we stayed with Jim and Kathleen at Canim Lake, BC and are very happy to have met such wonderful folks. Yesterday we made it to Dawson Creek, BC... actually made it in a little over 10 hours (I have no problems driving a fully-loaded U-Haul at 80 mph through the mountains... slowing down for the curvy bits of course). Today, we're off to Watson Lake, and this is the longest leg of our journey, but the last long-hard driving day. Woot!

The cats are adjusting fairly well. They only scream for 30 minutes every morning and sleep for most of the day. The Rescue Remedy seems to be working, but did give Celine the trots. Trust me, you do not want to be trapped in the cab of a truck with a kitty spewing brown goo... I almost passed out!!! Needless to say, I pulled over at the soonest opportunity to clean that up! Icky icky stinky!

Well, we're off to load up the trucks and grab some breakfast. See you all as soon as we have internet access again :D

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