Sunday, July 12, 2009

Yay! Its another Grumpy Post

Well I guess that the yard sale went well.

Although I feel like I went 25 rounds with Tito Ortiz (do they have rounds in UFC). However other and bruises and minor contusions I'm fine.

The thing that I guess is kind of amazing is the crap that people buy at yard sales, the stuff that you put out that's a steal just sits there and doesn't sell, but man people will fight over that cracked mug that says "I'm not a people person".

If you happen to be someone who bought something thank you for your generous patronage of course, we appreciate your puchases and hope that the quality goods that you received in exchange for some green will last you years and give you many great memories, especially if you bought the bed, I'm sure you'll get plenty of great memories in there, and possibly some not so good, but hey that life...

Anyway we made a spot of cash, not a huge amount but it should cover the cost of the U-Haul (which we opted to get rather than a trailer, two vehicles are better than one on a long journey).

So only eight days to go, and six days to recover, we do have to go dump some trash so that's another day of hauling stuff, and the charity truck comes tomorrow to I'd guess they'll need some assistance too. It's times like these that servants would come in handy, but you can't build without demolition, and that includes your previous life too, there's a bunch of junk that accumulates that you don't use, and don't need but sits around taking up space both physically and metaphysically, that you need to jettison before you move on, otherwise you'll end up in the words of "The Who"

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

well I don't want my boss to be my stuff. I'd like it to be me as much as possible.

Anyway off again, need more caffeine haven't achieve the desired levels of cynicism this morning.

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Anonymous said...

Another couple YUGE steps towards the A-K! You go!

Viva -- Sager