Thursday, July 23, 2009

Destruction Bay we have arrived, and it's not even Midnight yet

So we've got to Destruction Bay, on a remarkably smooth drive today Plickety had a bit of a ear problem and a slight fever with the Wind, but other than that it was fine, so it was a cool day for me since I haven't had a good chance to actually really unwind from the flurries of activities from me retiring on the 26th June all through to now. I know that probably sounds crazy, since you're all thinking what the hell have you been doing for the past 3-4 weeks but unwinding. Well life's not so simple.

Firstly there was the literal shock of leaving Microsoft, yes it was voluntary, but is that really relevant? I mean Divorce, and Moving are two of the most stressful events that can occur and they're voluntary (well at least to an extent, definitely on one side of the divorce, and moving is most frequently voluntary).

Then there was being home, while we were packing it up, and having the place completely in semi-organization for a period of time. Then there was time rushing forwards up to the move that we're currently in, where the days were full of things to do and no time to stop and unwind, even sleeping was to a degree filled with stress.

Yesterday as I was playing Steppenwolf's "Magic Carpet Ride" with Tarp metaphorically responding in kind, I was really getting freaked out, we'd had a delay with the key's gotten started late, getting tired, and this was the last thing that we needed. Anyway after we got it all sorted out, and were moving again, there was a dawning realization, this IS NOT A VACATION, this is the rest of my life, we might take a little more time here and there, but we'll get there.

So todays drive being uneventful gave me the opportunity to reacquaint myself with relaxation, and while I have a few aches and pains from the mostly fixed position that you take while driving, I've not been suffering from some of the consistent aches and pains I've had for a little while, that have been driving me a little bug-nuts, you know the deal, something hurts a bit, you think about it, maybe WebMD it get concerned (because an anxiety related intercostal spasm isn't half as frightening as some other stuff), go talk to the doc they say it's nothing (and rationally I know it can't be anything given my degree of pre-move checkups), but it hangs around like a burned fish smell, you spin on it, maybe the Doctor's wrong, maybe you should go back and get checked again, etc. etc. etc. Then move about 2 tons plus of stuff in less than 12 hours where I'm pretty sure if I had anything approaching terminal (and lets face it that's what all these niggly problems that don't seem to want to go away, or are diagnosed as stress, psychologically circle) then I'd have probably crashed out after about an hour.

Anyway to the drive, we left Watson lake and drove here, couple of stops on the way, shot straight through Whitehorse (it didn't interest me and Plickety's been there before), but then we hit Lake Kluane wow talk about eye-popping, blue water, I think its got something to do with Glacial run off or something. Surrounded by mountains, it's one of those places that you look at and you get a skip in your heart, and at the same time you realize that this place has been since way before you set foot on the earth and no matter what we do to mess ourselves up it will be here millenia after we're gone, very humbling yet energizing place. Much like where we're moving to.

So with that here are some pics that don't do it justice, since it's cloudy, but that water is "optic Carribean blue" (From Plickety, I'm more of a "if it doesn't come in a box of 50 Crayola crayon's it's not a color type guy").

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