Friday, July 17, 2009

It's all a question of air...

So prep stalled out a little last night for want of one of the worlds most common resources air.

Now we have this truck, it's tall, off road, and has 38" diameter tires on it. So because we're driving some distance with some load, I figured I talk to the manufacturer with the specs of our truck (and estimated bed load) and find out what the tire pressures should be. Well considering the surfaces and relatively high speeds (although I'm likely to stick to about 55-60 maximum) they recommend max pressure which is 65 psi.

So armed with this information I go to check the trucks tires, an find they have about 35 psi in them, not so much of a worry, since off road tire pressures can vary hugely depending on driving surfaces, conditions and speeds.

So we go to two local garages, and fail to achieve correct pressure, the big question I have is why is it so damn difficult to find a garage with a decent air hose? I mean come on even the soccer Mom every now and again puts air in the tires once between oil changes.

Ok you're thinking but my vehicle only needs 30 psi which is true to a degree, but there are a lot of trucks on the road, with higher pressure tires, and where do they get their air from? I mean they all can't own compressors.

So first thing to do today is go find a hose that I can use on our compressor (or a new compressor) so we can get the right pressure in our tires.


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