Wednesday, July 22, 2009

All Hail the Road Gods!

So, we're still in Dawson Creek... waiting for Kal-Tire to finish up with the U-Haul.

About 50 miles outside Chetwynd yesterday, Gungnir calls me up on our 2-way radio and tells me to pull over because my back tire looks funny. We're on a high mountain pass with no services until we get down and there are limited pull-outs. But I finally find one and we check the tire pressure. Looks good... what's the problem?! Well... giant bubble protruding out of the inner sidewall of the rear driver's side tire. Joy!! I babied her for a while, but the bubble magically disappeared.

Welllllllll... turns out that it was a delamination and the bubble had actually burst and managed to reseal itself instead of causing a blow out. Praise be to the Road Gods! I don't think a rear wheel blow out in a U-Haul would be a pretty sight, those big boxes were not meant to cartwheel down a windy mountain road.

So we called up U-Haul this morning and they said they could send someone out to fix it or we could get it fixed ourselves and they would reimburse us. Since Kal-Tire is right across the street from our hotel (Inn on the Creek - lovely place!) we just took it over there. Of course, we're getting two brand new rear tires since it's a rear-wheel drive and U-Haul can just deal with it! I've still got 3 days of mountain driving left to do, so I'm not taking any chances on gimpy tires and tread not tracking properly. It's hard enough driving a pregnant water buffalo, no need to make things worse LOL!

I knew St. Christopher was still the patron saint of travelers even though the Catholic Church de-canonized him!


Anonymous said...

Wow! You two are having quite the adventure and you haven't even arrived yet!

I'm glad I missed the cat experience that you so vividly described (Gee - thanks, I think?).

Sounds like Murphy's Law is managing to dog you guys a bit but St. Christoper is fighting back. LOL!

Best wishes, you guys. I'm rooting for you and look forward to hearing more. Thanks for keeping us all updated!

Anonymous said...

I have a Tig Welder!!!

Rachel said...

Oh what an adventure you must be having! Moving is never fun, thankfully your tire didn't blow- that would have been awful.
Those u-haul trucks are so scary! I have heard about so many accidents with them recently. I wish that I warned you before you left. If you have ANY other trouble, and I mean ANY, call one of those pods moving companies. Door to Door and PODS are just two of the companies that could save the day in the event of another accident.
Please keep driving safe!

Plickety Cat said...

Rachel, I'm an old pro at driving U-Hauls... I can really put them through their paces. I think I've moved cross-country (e-w & n-s) at least 7 times in a rental van. You just have to pay attention and show 'em who's boss. Hmmmmmm... I see a topic for a future blog.

There are a few companies that will do the door-to-door household goods moving... too bad we don't have a door in the middle of nowhere for them to deliver to LOL! No one comes down the Elliott Hwy except a few big rigs (expensive!!). Of course, we'll be renting a storage room in Fairbanks to keep everything safe until the cabin is built and we can tote stuff a trip at a time in the Dodge... now that G-man realizes it can handle much more load than he thought it could ROFL!

Some people were born to trucks, other people have to suffer and earn :D