Monday, July 27, 2009

Getting things sorted out...

So after being in the largest state in the union for the past few days we're beginning to get things sorted out. While we haven't broken a new trail into our property we have been buzzing around getting other things sorted out.

Saturday was unpack day, as PC mentioned and we got some new bumps and bruises, and I got some muscle strain in my groin for a couple of days (phew not a hernia...).

Yesterday we went into Fairbanks to pick up our guns from the FFL transferee, and we got them all but my EBR (there's a surprise) but apparently that should have been delivered today, so we should be able to pick it up while doing tomorrow's chores.

Today we scooted down to Manley on the Elliot Highway (laughingly known as a highway) the truck was awesome and we bombed down there in about 2.5 to 3 hours while Plickety and I had a good chance to have a talk for the first time in a few days. While we've been on the road it's all been about the logistics, since we arrived here it's all been discussions about our plans, and we've had a few frictions building up, so it was good to talk and clear the air. Had a little lunch at the Roadhouse, and got a mailbox sorted out. Then bumped into Butch (one of the local characters) and chatted with him for an hour or so, times weird here, you need to slow down a lot I've noticed (no bad thing for Mr. Roadrunner here), even the Checkout at the local Wally World seems to take 3-4 times longer than down in the lower 48. Then we spent some time talking to Gladys, one of the town older timers owner of the Hot Springs Bath-House and school patron, who has a cabin for rent, chatted with her for about another hour, then we headed back to Fairbanks. We're renting a cabin in Manley for a month from Aug 1st so we're much closer to our place and we'll be breaking trail then.

Tomorrow's another full day, getting the truck re-registered, getting an AK drivers license, registering to vote and all that good stuff, that helps to establish our residency here, the sooner that we do that, the sooner we get the benefits of being resident.

Now, since we're this far north I thought I'd let you know about the light, it's light, nearly all of the time, I haven't yet seen it be dark although I do know we have at least about an hour or so right now of dark, but it hasn't been at midnight, or even 12:30am, and it's fully light before 6am. I know that probably sounds weird, since we're in Alaska, but knowing it and experiencing it are entirely different concepts. So I suspect that as the world turns November December and January is going to be almost exclusively dark that'll be interesting.

Anyway on that note I'll leave off for today.


Anonymous said...

When I was in the northern end of Scotland in July (1999) 'twas truly mind-boggling how little dark there was at night. Although when the sun finally did go down, we had loverly Northern Lights to enjoy (sitting up on toppa hill in the ruins of a Roman-era stone fort drinking single malt and canoodling [grin])...

Viva -- Sager

Gungnir said...

Yeah I've experienced that, used to go to Northern Scotland on vacation as a kid. So that was my first sight of the Northern Lights. Apparently they're better in Winter, we'll see I guess.