Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4 days and a wake up

Since much of today is already gone, I figure we really only have about 4 days to go until the Big Leap. I have much much much more experience moving and walking through the shimmery surface of the Stargate to places unknown than Gungnir, so I'm not quite at the freaky stage yet.

What is freaking me out is al the little things that have yet to be firmly sorted. Things like when the tow company is coming to pick up my car that I've donated to charity (she's almost 20 years old and I doubt she'd make another winter in Alaska). Or will U-Haul down the street actually have the equipment for a one-way haul to Alaska, or will we have to drive into downtown Seattle to get it... sure wish that U-Haul rep would call us! And where can we get rid of household hazmat that has accumulated over the years of home improvement projects -- do we have enough time to dry out the half-buckets of latex paint, or maybe I should leave them for whoever gets the house? Hmmmm... should we take that spare lumber to the dump (they have a building material recycle pile) or leave it for the new folks.

Gungnir is zapping me with lasers right now because I am trying to clean everything out to get stuff to the dump and properly sorted... at our expense and on our limited time. But I've moved into "trashed" houses before and hate having to clean out the previous occupants mess. Plus, if I do it, then I know for sure that stuff is properly disposed of or recycled and not just going to end up wasted in a landfill or leaching toxic chemicals. Sometimes thinking green can work against you! I'm just trying to be as kind as possible to the planet and the folks who come into the house after us. Cuz you know it isn't the bank that will suffer the expenses and hassle of a junky house, it's going to be the new tenants. (Banks never suffer for anything!!)

Got my list of things left to do, which is actually pretty small if I could just get on with it. Constant phone interruptions and losing the packing tape is costing me dear seconds. And having to give "professional" moving guidance to Gungnir and following behind to make sure he's done his chores completely/correctly isn't helping (you know I love you , babes, kiss-kiss). I've got so much to focus on right in front of me that I'm not even sparing the brain-power worrying about next week or next month or next year. That'll all sort itself out when the time comes and I'll worry about it then :D

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