Monday, July 20, 2009

Off we go

Well, we've got almost everything packed up and ready to go. Just need to load in the last couple of things, take a shower, shut down the house and herd the cats. We've got bruises on our bruises, and are running on pure adrenaline. Compared to what we've just been through, a 5-day road trip will seem like a vacation!

In hindsight... we needed a bigger U-Haul. I'm usually good with eyeballing volume, but there was a bunch of crap in another room that I'd forgotten about when I ordered the truck :( So, there are few things we're leaving behind for a friend to take to the dump, and the Dodge is packed to the gills. Oh well, Gungnir needed to learn how to drive a fully loaded down pickup sooner or later! But I did "fold space" (DH is convinced I have supernatural powers) and get more in the U-Haul and Dodge than anyone thought humanly possible... I'm good like that :)

So, we'll be taking pics and posting whenever we stumble across a town with internet access. If all else fails, we'll see you all on Friday when we get into Fairbanks. Off we go, into the Great White North... yipppee :D


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the first leg! Look forward to getting please. We have just put in an offer on a house - fingers crossed!
Love Kim & Tris xx

Lynette said...

Good luck to you!!! I ran across your page when searching for off the grid information for Alaska.

I live in Anchorage! If you get this and are passing through - look me up!