Wednesday, July 22, 2009

OMG - the day from Hell

We finally made it to Watson Lake at 12:30 am. They're doing major roadworks between Tetsa & Toad rivers... just happens to be a steep steep steep mountain pass that goes on about 150 km. Yeah, it's all gravel and you can't see crap because of the dust being kicked up by the semi's. Weeeee nothing like flying down an 8% grade totally blind. So, yeah, that delayed us a few hours.

Then, my stupid-ass locks the keys in the U-Haul (why the hell they only gave me one is a mystery), and we had to pry the door apart enough to stick a coat hanger in from the top and pop the lock (sounds simple, but took almost an hour).

Then, G-man's tarp decided to fly out like Superman's Cape and the mattress damn near sent him on a mgic carpet ride off into Muncho Lake. Basically had to take all the ratchet straps off, re-fiddle the tarp and re-ratchet everything back down.

And the cat shenanigans continue. Charlie is being super-needy and insisting on spending the entire drive crammed in a tiny ball in my crotch... where she growls and hisses at me anytime I have to move my leg to brake or accelerate. Of course, she wakes up every now and then and paces the cab of the truck; doing major feats of acrobatics like it's Cirque de Soleil! And one fo them tried to use the litter box while the truck was moving, failed miserably, so there was pee all down the center console. Joy!!

Ahhhhh... but all-in-all we're having a good time and the trip is more than half over. Looking forward to sleeping in a little tomorrow and doing some laundry before we head out to Destruction Bay (Lake Kluane is sooooooo kewl!).

Signing off for the night to get some ZZZZZZs. Gungnir will likely post something in the morning since he passed out immediately upon getting the room (I swear, the boy has no stamina!).


Anonymous said...

Well - you two certainly know how to have a good time!

I see a book eventually emerging from all of this. Start your outline while it's still fresh in your mind!

I must confess, it's much more pleasant reading this than living it. Sort of like reading an adventure novel whilst curled up in a chair with a cat on my lap and iced tea or hot chocolate next to me (depending on the weather).

Thank you for having the wherewithal to share all this excitement with us couch potatoes!

Anonymous said...

Dang! The gods do have a sense of humor. But currently it doesn't seem to be overlapping with the human sense o'fun.

I guess: no blood, no foul? Double un-super-jinxitty! Keep on keepin' on, and I'll have a good thought for yas!

Eventually, the road gets flat & straight, right? Riight? Please tell me the road eventually gets flat & straight...

VIVA -- Sager

Plickety Cat said...

Hehe Sam... I got a kitty on my lap, too, but I'm traveling 70+ mph LOL!

Plickety Cat said...

Well Sager, the road gets a little straighter and little flatter, but not by much or for long :D Of course, when it's flat and straight it's also windy as all get-out, which sucks just as bad in U-Haul