Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Only 5 days to go

So it's 5 days to go and we're well into prep, although maybe a little behind schedule because of the recovery time of moving all that junk for the yard sale.

Currently our living room looks like a bomb site, but only slightly more organized, with boxes of the stuff we're taking up against the wall, the food cache against the other, and a collection of empty boxes, buckets and other things on still a third.

So I'll now wax poetic and explain some of my current mental state, it's kind of weird, I feel like I'm about to take a huge leap of faith into the unknown and I'm not entirely sure that there's something there to stop me just falling to the bottom of the cliff and splatting like a bug. It's a life reaffirming sensation, which sounds weird I know, but we all working or not, property owners or not, married, in a relationship, single, or whatever, with kids, or pets, have a mental timeline and path, that's pretty consistent, and I'm headed to take a hard turn off that consistent path in only 5 days. Eliminating that comfortable feeling of being on a known path.

Now don't get the wrong idea that we haven't prepared, we have (I think you can see from some of the earlier entries); however thinking about being there and actually being there are entirely different propositions, and I've got to admit there's a little bit of (I'll say it) fear creeping in. I suspect it's just the fear of change, and the unknown, and I do have a propensity for being a little anxious at times. In the ladder that we've been climbing for the past couple of years to get here, we've gone from checking that it's safe and can support us both to about 5 rungs up, then in the next week to ten days we'll be about 3 rungs from the top. I guess that transition is the one that's giving me the heebee-jeebies.

Anyway on to more material things. We have a full backend system of inverters, conditioners and breakers for our Solar/Wind generation courtesy of a guitar and my home theater sound system and a guy called Nick from Camano Island (which strangely isn't an island, but a peninsula). So we just need to chuck in some solar panels, wind generators, and some AGM batteries (and this isn't a bad thing, since batteries do wear our sadly) and we've got 110v AC, sweet.

So as it's early here, 7:30 am, I'll leave it here, Plickety might write some more later, or I might come back and add some stuff you give you guys an update as how close to our schedule we really are.


Anonymous said...

Plickety Cat and Gungnir,

Your journey is fascinating and you have yet to hit the road... Your thoughts and stories are contagious. I have no doubt that through your upcoming adventures and experiences that in the end, the two of you will thrive in your new environment, your new home. I wish you peace along your road ahead... Thank you for teaching us along the way.


Gungnir said...

Thanks Cat, I hope we will thrive. It's nice to see us write contagious stories, even if it's completely unintentional :) much like the "teaching" I just write what I think, and comment on some of the issues that seem to arise. If that's of help to others or inspirational or just interesting then so much the better.

I tend to think that Plickety has a far better way about her than I do, explaining the details. I just kind of do a mental dump, which might not always make sense, but apparently we're getting the message across somehow.